My name is Csilla Wunderle-Krátky and originally came from Hungary with my husband.
We arrived in 2008 and really enjoy to be here in this beautiful country.
I was always interested about healthy lifestyle from a holistic approach (mental, spiritual and physical health).
I have got a teacher degree as a Teacher of health education (which is including: Psychology and children psychology. Health sciences, health promotion and mental health promotion built upon physical, mental and social health. Healthy life-style, body and health culture and apply and transmit this knowledge as a model).
I have been working with children as a nanny for 4 years here in New Zealand and I use this approach in the weekdays and works well. I also give massage to the children and incredibly how relaxing is it.

I am also a qualified therapist of Transpersonal Psychology and Breathing (Re-birthing, Vivian and Holotrop Breathing). I have taken/ and later I kept several courses in Hungary in the topics of spirituality and wellbeing (such as chakras, mudras, chakra breathing, etc…)

In my opinion is that, not just mind and soul, but the physical level is very important too. I found it massage is the one of the best and fastest way to get the body relaxed and release the stress.

I started to learn massage techniques here in New Zealand and I have already got Relaxation Massage and Relaxation Reflexology Certificate. But honestly it is a never ending story, if you start to learn something interesting you want to know more and more.

I really passionate and keen to do massage and help to feel better, more relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated yourself.

I can guarantee after my massage you will feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated -just like re-birthing:)

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